Moscow International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

16 - 18 March 2021
Moscow VDNH

On June 15, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov held an all-Russian meeting dedicated to the development of the machine tool industry.

During the meeting, the Minister noted that the industry is now coming out to the frontier, comparable with global leaders. This became possible because in recent years the machine-tool industry has received worthy state support, according to the minister, only for the last five years in the framework of such support to the industry has been allocated 7,5 billion rubles.

“These funds allowed the businesses to increase rhythmically the scientific and technological competence, bring to the market new and competitive products, - Manturov said. – we have considerably expanded the range of multi-axis equipment, developed production of modern turning and milling centers and grinding machines, obtained experimental samples of machines for friction welding, made good arrangements with respect to deep drilling machines. We have made significant progress in our CNC systems intended for equipment of the processing centers – quite recently a five-axis machine with a national CNC has been tested, which provides the processing precision of up to 2 µm."

N addition, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade noted the total production growth in the machine tool industry, last year it attained 5%. “This positive trend has significantly strengthened in the first months of this year, and I can say that the industry is confidently going through a difficult period of economic decline," the Minister noted.

He also said that the government is now placing a special emphasis on regulatory stimulation of demand for Russian industrial products: a number of acts on prohibitions and restrictions have been adopted, last week the bills were introduced to the State Duma on allocation of quotas for purchases under the 44-th and 223-rd federal laws. In the purpose of additional support to machine tool manufacturers, it is planned to adapt the subsidy mechanism in the form of providing a discount to consumers, similar to the ordinance on agricultural machinery No.1432. This will allow to increase the share of Russian products at the national market in civil industries.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

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About the exhibition

MIIW-2021: a demonstration of the new reality of modern production

Moscow International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition (MIIW) is a new project intended to demonstrate the integrated solutions of state-of-the-art mechanical engineering production taking into account the synthesis of machine systems and integrated digital automation tools. The evolution of the digital economy dictates new rules and working conditions for modern companies. They have to learn to live in a dynamic world of continuous innovations and become the generators of new ideas, in turn, it will improve the promptness of the managerial decision-making and receive the economic and social effects.

The event is held in the purpose of promoting the opportunities provided by intelligent production to address the challenges specified in the national projects "Digital economy" and "International cooperation and export", aimed at support and development of the industrial sector in Russia:


Improvement of export
capabilities for Russian
manufacturers in
machine-building industries;

Development of
international cooperation.

We invite the companies representing the promising technologies that radically change the situation in existing markets or contribute to the establishment of new markets to take part in the Moscow International Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition MIIW-2021!



March, 2021



of production
processes, drivers,
control systems,

Power supply
of industrial
integrated power
supply systems

Industrial technologies,
tools and equipment,
construction materials,
additive production

Systems of control
in machine building



unmanned systems
in logistics

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