09 July 2020

RUIE: digital economy needs standardization

At International Industrial Marathon Innoprom with participation of about 200 speakers from the world's leading industrial companies, held on July 7 in on-line format, a statement was made on the need to unite the efforts of Russian industry for standardization in digital economy and to make a state level decision on establishment of a platform "Russian Industry 4.0".

According to Andrei Lotsmanov, the First Deputy Chairman of RUIE Committee for Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment, Russia needs to consolidate the efforts of national industry, in particular, Rosstandart, the Ministry of Industry and other ministries, to develop a set of standards for establishment of the digital platform "Russian Industry 4.0". However, the latter will be possible only after transition of the industry to modern methods of planning and management, elaboration of an interdepartmental plan for development and establishment of national platform "Russian Industry 4.0", as well as approval and implementation of the program the development and implementation of a set of IT-standards for the platform "Russian Industry 4.0".

In the opinion of Dmitry Pumpyansky, Chairman of the RUIE Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Piping Metallurgical Company, President of Sinara Group, the decision on deployment of the platform “Russian Industry 4.0” should be made at the state level. According to him, the successful projects on digital transformation exist in large corporations, for example in KAMAZ, Rosatom, Rosset, Gazprom Neft, but there is no single platform of digital industry in the scale of overall country to date.

During the session the participants discussed the opportunities for using the digital technology to resolve the issues of technical regulation, prospects for standardization of digitalization processes in Russia, the key issues to be resolved in the course of transition to "Russian Industry 4.0."

They discussed the roles of standards in development of "Industry 4.0" in Germany and Russia. Alexander Shokhin, the President of RUIE told of intentions to establish on the Russian side a committee for economic and business cooperation with Germany in order to involve into this activity all business associations in Russia, all leading compamies interested in the business collaboration.

Source: ТАSS