RZD has started testing trains with artificial intelligence first in Russia

Russian Railways (RZD) has started testing first Russian trains with artificial intelligence which should minimize accidents due to human factors.

“We have already built 10 pilot locomotives [with AI]; they are tested in RZD. Now, one stage of this testing is under way for the purpose of product certification. If everything comes out successfully, the safety at Russia’s railways will change significantly; artificial intelligence must minimize accidents due to human factors. It won’t let a human to make an error,” the Director of the development company said.

She specified that the tested locomotives are equipped with an equipment set specially developed by the company, which enables to find out objects on railway roads using computer vision, including other trains, railway switches, rails, people, traffic lights etc. Using artificial intelligence, the equipment set can evaluate the situation, warn the operator about danger by signals and, if he/she does not respond, take necessary decisions.

The company’s management says, at the present time this technology is not used in the world yet and Russia may become the first country which adapted neuronets and computer vision to reduce accidents in railway traffic. The company plans to complete testing and obtain the permit for commercial operation in the fall 2020. The European transport companies have interest in the technology already.

Source: TASS