The Kama River area has become one of flagship regions of digital innovations

Industrial enterprises of the Perm Region are actively implementing frontline technologies. The further digital transformation continues in the region.

The 4th meeting of the territorial Coordinating Board on the Digital Economy Development under the Governor of the Perm Territory held in Perm summed up results of the work on digitalization of industrial production in the region. As Head of the Region Dmitry Makhonin believes that in the Kama Region Area practically all industrial companies have deeply imbedded digital technologies in their productions.

Many companies in Perm City and territory are involved in the digitalization process of industrial production. For example, by 2014 in the Kama River Area a cluster of optic fiber technologies has been set up where a number of flagship projects are implemented. The cluster was set up on the basis of the Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company. One of these projects is dealing with development of the first production of blanks for optic fiber made of high purity synthetic quartz in Russia. If supported by regional powers, this project will provide domestic feed for Russian optoelectronics to produce special optic fiber.

According to Minister of Industry of Trade of the Kama River Region Alexei Chibisov, the further digital transformation of the production in the region is carried out in several areas. One is linked with introduction of the industrial internet of things and development of intra-regional cooperation of industrial and IT sectors of economy. At present, 19 industrial companies of the region apply these technologies in their end products. Besides, the Perm industrial cooperation includes 23 regional IT companies.

The second area is reverse engineering (process of copying an item to the end product – ed. note). There is the “Regional Engineering Center” in the Kama River Area, which designs digital models of items and engineering documentation for both large clients and representatives of small and medium businesses. “The application of the technology has proved itself in conditions where ingenious foreign products are not accessible due to the pandemic. In spite of constraints, the Perm companies still can manufacture critically important spare parts many productions could stop without,” Alexei Chibisov explained.

Also, the comprehensive inspections of the company digital maturity are carried out. For one-two days specialists study the “digital climate” of the company using the developed methodology, form a “digital portrait” jointly with the company and propose a number of projects to improve efficiency at the expense of implementation of digital solutions.

The last area is linked with selection and attraction of financial resources for implementation of digital transformation of companies.

Head of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin believes that today the region is the leader in high technologies in Russia. “The starting point of the sectoral development in the region was President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s visit in 2017. Over three years, much work was done in this area. The territorial government will not reduce attention to the IT sector in future. One of the key tasks for the territorial powers is to make the Perm Territory a region of successful people, the people of the new generation and IT industry,” Mr. Makhonin emphasized.