Update of a long-term plan for standardization of Industry 4.0 technologies

The Ministry of Industry and Rosstandart presented an updated revision of a long-term plan for standardization of Industry 4.0 technologies. The updated document envisages the development of over 120 standards for the Internet of things, industrial Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, smart production up to 2025.

The long-term plan for standardization in the area of the advanced production technologies in 2018 – 2025 was suggested by the Association “Technet” in cooperation with the Technical committee "Cyber-physical systems" established on the basis of RVC. The companies established a working group for improvement of the legal framework and removal of the administrative barriers.

The updated p Ian is supplemented with new areas, including standards in the field of augmented reality, as well as electronic engineering design and operational documentation. The development of the standards envisaged by the plan is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Russian companies and manufactured products through accelerated implementation of advanced production technologies on the territory of Russia.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia notes the high efficiency in the implementation of the first revision of the plan: since its development, more than 30 regulatory and technical documents have been initiated and approved.

“It is vital that the plan is implemented in close collaboration with the business community. The approved standards are in high demand by both small developers and large companies. For our market they become the source of the best world practices and approaches to the work with digital technologies," said Oleg Bocharov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, who signed the document on behalf of the Ministry.

The industrial sector in Russia is the most prominent player in the process of digital transformation, since many of the best digital technology practices have been developed in the industry. “We are convinced that development of the standards is a prerequisite for development and growth of the expert potential in the Russian companies" - said Nikita Utkin, the head of the RVC programs, the Chairman of the Technical committee "Cyber-physical systems”.

In the future, the RVC and the Technical Committee of the "Cyber-physical systems" in cooperation with the market players are planning to carry out the revision and supplementation of the long-term plan on an annual basis.

Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation